The timing of the Cardinal’s visit to Toronto couldn’t be better. Manila Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle celebrated a special mass to commemorate the canonization of Mother Teresa at Cristo Rei Parish in Mississauga. More than a thousand parishioners and Filipinos from the GTA gathered to hear the mass and to see the Cardinal.

Earlier in the day, Pope Francis elevated Mother Teresa of Calcutta among the saints of the Catholic Church. Thousands of pilgrims filled St. Peter’s Square that included 1,500 homeless people who were brought to Rome overnight on buses from around Italy and were given seats of honour at the canonization.

Cardinal Tagle shared an encounter with Mother Teresa during her visit to Manila. Somebody asked her, “How could you stand those poor, sick people whom you pick up from the gutters?” With a smile she said, “But I see Jesus in them.”

The Cardinal spent a few minutes with dignitaries from Albania, India and the Philippines before he left to catch a flight to Nigeria.

Photo credit: July Apostol


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