Filipino-Canadian behind Bamboo Water

By Philippine Canadian Inquirer

March 25, 2015


Hamilton, ON. – Bamboo Beverages Limited (BBL) is excited to launch its kickstarter campaign on Mar. 28, for Bamboo Water, a breakthrough in the beverage industry which promotes ecological sustainability by harnessing the nutritious benefits of the bamboo plant.

BBL intends to raise Cdn$50,000 within 30 days so it can meet the minimum production run required by beverage manufacturers and bring the refreshing low-calorie, fat-free, sodium-free Bamboo Water to the people. The First Bamboo Water kickstarter campaign can be accessed here:

The creators of Bamboo Water, the first beverage in Canada to use bamboo as core ingredient, have been working with the best scientists and beverage manufacturers to meet the necessary requirements to market the beverage in Canada, the United States, and other countries around the world.

Bamboo Water maximizes the benefits of the bamboo plant by using its nutritious leaves which are typically discarded by farmers during the harvest. This makes bamboo water a healthy and sustainable drink since bamboos are hardy plants that grow quickly using almost all soil types. BBL believes bamboo water can be launched in almost any country in the world using local bamboo resources because of these features.

Dr. Cherla Sastry, mentor and advisor to BBL who is an expert in forestry, biology, and forest products, states that “bamboo is being used to treat fevers, lung inflammation and other medical problems in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. It is also being used as a laxative, seminal curative, aphrodisiac, bladder purifier and astringent.”

Available studies reveal that bamboo plants absorb CO2 (greenhouse gases) and release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. “Bamboo takes CO2 from the atmosphere and through the process of photosynthesis turns it into sugars,” states Bamboo Living to explain how the plant sequesters CO2. The natural sugars produced from this process are stored in the fibers, including its leaves, which give Bamboo Water its natural sweetness.

To further complement its environmental objectives, BBL intends to package Bamboo Water using biodegradable bottles. The company has tapped Enso Plastics, manufacturer of biodegradable and recyclable plastic bottles, to develop a prototype bottle for Bamboo Water.

“Bamboo Water fulfills our company philosophy of “People – Planet – Profit.” It is a product that utilizes the yields of the earth and at the same time gives back to it,” says Vincent Villanis, chief bamboo officer and co-founder of BBL.

Villanis is not new to the bamboo movement. He has been a bamboo farmer in Canada for over five years and through product development became the first Filipino-Canadian licensed beer manufacturer in Canada.

“Bamboo Water is a natural refreshing drink that’s kinder to our planet. Bringing this product to the people is synonymous to saving the planet one bottle at a time. However, we cannot do this by ourselves. We are counting on your support to bring this sustainable drink to the market. Join us by making a pledge at the Bamboo Water Kickstarter at, ” adds Villanis.


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