Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Mississauga-Centre Candidate Angely Pacis, hosted a Filipino media event today where they discussed with members from the Filipino media about many top issues concerning the Filipino community in Ontario.  


Pacis, a multilingual, French-speaking lawyer, political activist, wife and mother, is the first Filipino Canadian candidate nominated last December by the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  She will represent the Ontario PCs in the riding of Mississauga-Centre going into the 2018 General Election. 


“Angely brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our modern, inclusive and pragmatic Ontario PC team.   Our Party is extremely fortunate and proud to have such as strong candidate from the Filipino community in Ontario.  I know Angely will work hard to build a stronger Mississauga and Ontario,” says Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. 


Raised in Mississauga, Pacis brings her experience as an immigration, aboriginal and constitutional law lawyer, entrepreneur and scholar to solve the problems that affect the lives of the people of Ontario. 


Passionate about improving our province, Pacis has observed that life has gotten harder, not easier, for Filipino Canadian families in the GTA.  Rising hydro rates, real estate prices and fuel prices, a contracting Ontario economy resulting in fewer jobs and an inadequate and overpriced provincial infrastructure have added up to an Ontario in need of change.


“I am a passionate advocate who will bring concerns of Ontarians to Queen’s Park.   In particular, as the daughter of a physician and an accountant, both educated in the Philippines and trained in North America, I intimately understand issues of accreditation of foreign professionals and the difficulties that reunited families entering Canada face with regards to integration, settlement and upward social mobility.”


“This is a remarkable honour, to run in Mississauga-Centre.  We will run a campaign that all Ontarians will be proud of and we are determined to work hard and connect with the people pf Mississauga for a landslide victory,” says Pacis.  


 “After 13 years, life is harder under the Liberals.  In Mississauga Centre and across the province, the Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard to earn the trust of voters.  I look forward to working with Angely and the rest of our Ontario PC Party team as we work hard to share our positive message of change,” adds Leader Brown.



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