By Mahal Hudson

I am supposed to write my second article with hope and enthusiasm for the December issue. The month where people are generally receptive to anything because this is the most wonderful time of the year. In Canada, a change in weather means our horizon will be filled with confetti of snow but … life sucks. For real!

Okay, that may be harsh. Well, the light at the end of the tunnel is also true. There is always a silver lining to whatever you are going through. Even though you may be dreading the December festivities because work is consuming your time rather than spending it with your family. Oncoming demands of Christmas sometimes become a task to be completed rather than finding real joy to make our loved ones really special. Here’s a thought, whether life sucks, because it does, there is still real magic around us. We cannot deny the fact that it is hard to get a job, be recognized for who you really are, or getting 8 hours sleep is impossible in this day and age, life is still magnificent and still has lots to offer. And because we can’t lose hope.

We can’t lose hope even the world around us looks grim. We can’t lose hope even you are homesick. We can’t lose hope even on days working with a boss or group of people with which we do not get along well with. We can’t just lose hope. As you read this, think about the time you felt the happiest. It means, it can happen again. Because we live in moments. Those moments are the special times that you can hold on to keep you forging ahead. Because the only that matters right now is to forge ahead and that is HOPE.

Here’s my story of Hope:

I have a younger sister who suffers with a life-long disability. The seizure disorder robbed her for a chance in life to make mistakes and learn from it. I taught her to hold a glass so she can drink independently. With seizure, she cannot retain the skills. Her global development delay cheated her of words she could have articulated with grace or use her dexterity to tweet selfies that could go viral. My parents were informed by doctors that she will not live very long and to expect the worst. That was 37 years ago. She surpassed what science dictated her life would be. She has the contagious smile, the loudest laughter and a hand that could knockout Mike Tyson. Without hope, I will not have the wisdom to share with you my story and take a chance in life with her in mind. I owe it to her and to the hope that life is truly a paradox with lots of hope.

So, what is yours?

So, this Christmas season, make it your best year ever and let this be an invitation to forge head and never, ever lose the Hope.

Live well and create moments of joy!


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