New mentorship program spotlights path already paved by accomplished Filipinos in Canada

Toronto, ON, June 23 — Today, a group of young Filipino Canadians launched RISE, a new mentorship program to inspire youth to reach to new heights.

“There are a number of reports that identify Filipino Canadians at risk for not graduating from high school and not pursuing post-secondary education, in turn, limiting their professional career potential,” says Nezy Lacdao a member of the RISE Board. “While the statistics around success are alarming, we are seeing a number of Filipino Canadians break through this ceiling and we want to celebrate their success and the path they have paved to help inspire youth and highlight mentors and role models they can learn from.”

The founders of RISE looked at opportunities to collaborate with existing organizations and business leaders to address obstacles that continue to hinder Filipinos, one of the largest immigrant populations in Canada.

“Currently, Filipino mentors and role models are invisible in our community, especially with Filipino youths. With RISE, we have an opportunity to create a strong network of Filipinos that can serve as the backbone to the largest growing immigrant population in Canada, so that it is a high achieving population,” says Louroz Mercader, a RISE Board member.

Rise Board Members include: Abby Albino; Jesse Asido; Jackwayne Ramirez Balancio; Nezy Lacdao; Louroz Mercader; Chuck Ortiz; Rachelle Panteleon; Claire Rankine; Adam Robles; Mark Vallena.

The Champions Council, instituted to provide wider industry support and insight to RISE includes,

Michael Bartlett, Executive Director, MSLE Foundation 
George De La Rosa, CEO Luminus Financial 
Tobias C. Enverga Jr. 
Shaneeza Nazseer Ally, Executive Directors, For Youth Initiative 
Clyde Pacis, Owner, Max’s Manila Restaurants 
Paul Jonathan Saguil, Senior Counsel, TD Bank Financial Group 
Justice Steve A. Coroza, Ontario Court of Justice
Julius Tiangson, President and CEO, Portico Group Canada 
Peter Tolias, CEO, Tolias Landscaping and Plowing

For more information go to or contact Chuck Ortiz at 416-893-7518 or  Follow us at @rise_tribe.


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