Mae Janelle Berte launched her debut EP, Penumbra, which represents a new take on the “light at the end of the tunnel” metaphor. Penumbra is an acceptance of one’s obstacles and the recognition of revealing one’s hopefulness amidst the struggles, as the song, Lost Lustre, portrays. The EP reflects this musical yin and yang through the intertwining of dark and somber textures with soft and ambient elements against Mae Janelle’s vulnerability in her vocals. Produced alongside local producers John “Tiny” Joven and Philynch, with feature producer Gee, Penumbra hints on the vibes of the Toronto urban sound popularized by acts like Party Next Door, Drake and others, as heard in the songs Drive Away, If You’re in Love, Jacqueline and Needs, with a unique and personal undertaking. Download Penumbra EP on iTunes/Bandcamp.


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