By: Mark Vincent Villa

MANILA, Philippines – Internet movie and TV subscription service Netflix is available in many countries in the West. Its launch in Australia, however, marks its first step towards the East, with the company planning inroads in Japan by fall 2015.

In February, the company disclosed plans to expand into Japan, including opening a regional office in order to work with local TV and film creatives.

It then launched in Australia and New Zealand simultaneously on March 24, giving a free one-month trial for new members. Their monthly subscription would start at AU$ 8.99 for Standard Definition, AU$ 11.99 for high-definition and AU$ 14.99 for 4K ($6.82, $9.09, and $11.40). New Zealand would have NZ$ 9.99, 12.99, and 15.99 ($7.48, $9.72, $12), respectively.

In an interview with Gizmodo Australia, CEO Reed Hastings stated his reason why he’s not afraid to expand, and other considerations in entering the Australian market.

“Our challenge in every market is to get across this idea that you get to watch whenever you want.” Hastings said, referring to Netflix’s on demand model.

He also likened traditional TV to fixed line telephones, saying “it will still be around in a bunch of homes but it will go down and down and down.” News and sports will still be on TV, mainly the reason why people will not get rid of the format, but he was decisive in saying that for entertainment, “it’s all going to be on demand in 10 years.”

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