By Michelle Chermaine Ramos


On Friday, August 19 2016 iKUBO Media in cooperation with Chalre Associates hosted Reload Your Dreams at the YWCA at 87 Elm Street in downtown Toronto. The Filipino community had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Rebecca Bustamante, the Founder and CEO of Chalre Associates and President and Co-Founder of the Asia CEO Awards and Asia CEO Forum.

The seventh of eleven siblings, she started life in extreme poverty and was forced to work hard for a living as a young child, working as a street vendor and maid to help her family make ends meet. After the tragedy of her mother’s death when she was only 18 years old, she supported her family by working in Singapore and later, Canada, as a domestic helper to pay their mortgage and for her younger siblings’ education.

Now the CEO of her own multinational company, Chalre Associates, she shares her inspirational life story as a motivational speaker to inspire others to reach their goals and live the life they dream of.

DSC08362 (2)

Bansan Choa, President of iRemit delivered some opening remarks.

DSC08366 (2)

Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates and Rebecca Bustamante Mills’ husband.

DSC08371 (2)

Alfredo Tan of Facebook with Richard Mills during the opening speeches.


DSC08406 (2)

Left to right:  Mahal Hudson of the Avant-Garde Company moderated the Q&A segment of the night with Richard Mills & Rebecca Bustamante Mills of Chalre Associates and Bansan Choa of iRemit.


DSC08430 (2)Left to right: Richard Mills and Rebecca Bustamante Mills with Claire Dela Gana (2nd left) and Ronnie Dela Gana (far right), producers of Kubo Talks, a project of IKUBO Media.


DSC08424 (2)Left to right: Steve Pagao, Margie Bayanay, Arnold Choa, Bansan Choa, Rose Tijam, Rebecca Bustamante Mills, Michelle Chermaine and Belinda Herrera.

DSC08437 (2)Left to right: Musician Justin Lima who entertained the crowd at the start of the program, Cielo Ramos and Rebecca Bustamante Mills.

DSC08453 (2)Left to right: Richard Mills, Warren D’Aoust , Joy Sarmiento, Rebecca Bustamante Mills and Michelle Chermaine.










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