Based on the 2014 Commission on Filipino Overseas Compendium of Statistics on International Migration, 10.23 million Filipinos left the Philippines to work in other countries. There are 367,166 sea-based workers; 59,036 in Africa; 474,492 in Oceania; 1,668,827 in East & Southeast Asia; 2,489,430 in West Asia; 866,187 in Europe; and, 4,313,476 in the Americas. Out of the over 4 million migrating to the Americas, 721,578 are in Canada.

Leaving your loved ones behind, you’ve crossed continents and risked the high seas to chase your ultimate dream of success. All your sacrifices and hard work will soon pay off. The search is on for outstanding Filipinos in Canada!

The Golden Balangay Awards is a nationwide search for outstanding Filipino Canadians. It aims to promote excellence, hard work, higher education, entrepreneurship, public service, positive relationships and community involvement. It will epitomize our journey for success.

The name “Golden Balangay” was chosen so that the future generations of Filipinos will recognize the invaluable contribution of their forefathers in shaping the country’s maritime tradition and in passing on the values of solidarity, harmony, determination, courage and bravery. Aside from stirring up historical consciousness, the Golden Balangay Awards will symbolize our priceless journey as migrants and carrying our people today to their cherished goals.

There will be two sets of categories – individual categories and brand categories, or what is commonly called people’s choice. Individual categories will recognize the excellence of Filipinos in various fields of endeavor such as education, civic work, entrepreneur, media and entertainment. For the brand categories, all Filipinos will vote for their preferred car brand, bank, remittance company, freight forwarding company, airlines and Filipino restaurant.

Nomination is set to open on March 2017. The awards night of the 1st Golden Balangay Awards is slated on September 2017.


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